Equity & Inclusion

DMM Passion Projects: Meg’s Environmental Justice Focus

Aside from mentoring Conservation Training Partnership (CTP) participants and carrying out community conservation projects, our Difference Maker Mentors take on passion projects on the side throughout the year. Currently, our Difference Maker Mentor Meg is working on creating a project template that is centered around environmental justice for future programs.  During previous years, we have […]

Heroes of the Outdoors

Part of our longstanding mission at the NRCA is to open the doors for everyone to be able to access and appreciate nature and the pursuit of conservation. We aim to break the barriers that seclude populations from being able to value and exist freely in the outdoors, such as the Black and Brown community. […]

NRCA Black Lives Matter Statement

We stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown participants, volunteers, faculty and staff here at the UConn Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA). Enough is enough when it comes to racial inequality, violence and other injustices that have plagued all aspects of our society and communities for far too long. We will not be silent. […]