Conferences, Symposiums & Workshops, Oh My!

CT Urban Forest CouncilLast week was a busy one for me, as program coordinator for the Conservation Training Partnerships… with an all-day Advisory Board Meeting on Monday, the CT Urban Forest Council Conference Wednesday, and the CT Trails Symposium on Thursday.

Despite the full schedule, I really enjoyed being able to network, meet new people, and discover new organizations that the NRCA can hopefully partner with in the future. I especially enjoyed chatting with folks from Audubon Sharon, The Last Green Valley, and Riverfront Recapture. I feel inspired by all of the productive discussions and ideas that were generated, particularly those which might improve the programs we offer.


Later this week we will be leading a couple different workshops with teens – one during the Sisters in STEM Conference organized through UConn’s School of Engineering and another during the 4-H Adventures in STEM Conference hosted by UConn Extension.


This is an exciting time for us in the NRCA as we shepherd our current participants along with their projects and begin recruitment efforts for next year’s programs. Part of that effort includes our Difference Makers (interns), who have been fundamental in gathering data on all of the high schools throughout Connecticut. There are so many schools! One of our goals is to reach out to as many science and math educators as possible in the hopes that they will share information about the NRCA with their students and invite us to come give a presentation. I will be sending a whole bunch of emails very soon.


And one last thing… I am happy to report that we have officially set the dates for next year’s programs…

Conservation Ambassador Program (CAP): June 19-25, 2020

Conservation Training Partnerships (CTP):

  • Stamford, June 13-14, 2020
  • Waterbury, June 18-19, 2020
  • Eastford, June 27-28, 2020